Video Marketing

We transform your technical documentation into atractive video contents.

‘100% Formación’

A commercial produced for Formación Digital, an e-learning consultancy. The project goal was twofold: creating an audiovisual product to promote the company, and developing a sales tool to be showed

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This animation is just an example of the nearly 150 animations we produced from 2011 to 2012 for Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM). The aim of these AV products were

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‘Formación Digital’

Corporate Video produced in 2010 for e-learning consultancy Formación Digital, in which we explain its history, values and products. For this video we chose a tehcnological esthetic design over the

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A video realized with the TypeMotion technique in which we introduce, in a few seconds, an initiative to buid an elearning marketplace. This solution allowed us to explain the product

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An ‘AV Tool’ produced specifically to advertise the consolidation of a strategic alliance (Formación Digital and Oracle Java) and its results: the e-learning Oracle Database 11G courses. For that, we

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Animation Videotutorial produced for latin-american market in which we offer 10 basic advices to record a video. This animation is placed within a bussines strategy focused on developing marketplaceKiwilearn (

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